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Maurizio Nannuci born in Florence in 1939, lives and works in Florence and South Germany. Nannucci is an inventive artist. Since the mid-sixties Nannucci devoted himself to exploring the multifaceted interrelations between language, writing and visual images, drawing on concepts and linguistic ideas and employing a wide variety of media, including photography, video, artits’s books, editions, sound installations. On the search of artistic answers to a world in continuous change, he has developed an interdisciplinary approach to art practices which opened up a network of cooperations in the field of art, architecture, and poetry. In addition to language he is keenly interested in colour in all its manifestations.



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Invitation from Nannucci
Maurizio Nannucci
S 1979 01 12 nannucci mr klein the yellow book 001
The Yellow Book
Maurizio Nannucci
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Letter from Nannucci
Maurizio Nannucci
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Letter from Nannucci
Maurizio Nannucci
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Postcard from Nannucci
Maurizio Nannucci