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Günter Ruch was born in Bernburg, Suisse in 1942 and has been living in Geneva since 1970. He is a Suisse artists and graphic designer. Since 1973 he has been running the edition “out press”. Since 1975 he has been active active in the Mail Art scene. He was editor of the network assembling magazine “Clinch” from 1983-88. He is doing concrete and visual poetry, films, performances, sound poetry, copy and stamp art. He had been a co-initiator of the 1st Decentralized Mail Art Congress in 1986 and published the documentation. He participated in the exhibition “Mail Art. Netzwerk der Künstler” (M.A. The artists’ network) at PTT-Museum Bern in 1994.
Günther Ruch died 20 August 2013.



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Günther Ruch
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Günther Ruch
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Günther Ruch