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Index: Gin Carlo Martina

Magatrax 1084 1984-08-28

Gin Carlo Martina, Italy

Codroipo, Italy
Printed matter
Letter, CFP, Envelope
10.2 x 21
Invitation to a Trax project, Mail Art, 8mm, art work elaboration of a page in a pornographic magazine - and a second project on "Militarism or wargasm"
Vittore Baroni: Memo from a Networker
gin carlo martina, trax, magatrax 1084, art work elaboration, pornographic magazine, militarism or wargasm, memo from a networker
M 1984 08 28 martina 001
M 1984 08 28 martina 002
M 1984 08 28 martina 003