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Géza Perneczky was born in Keszthely, Hungary in 1936. He studied music and art history in Budapest. From 1962 on he was an editor at the Hungarian Art Publishing House, art critic at different newspapers, collaborator of more cultural periodicals and host of art programmes at the Hungarian Television. He published books on modern art and contemporary art theory.

Since 1970 he lives and works in Cologne, Germany. Besides the unbroken publications on modern art he is also doing artistic activities in painting, concept art, photography, visual poetry and artists books. His works had been shown in exhibitions in Europe and America.

Perneczky participated in the International Mail Art Network movement and wrote the well known monography: The Magazine Network, Cologne, 1993.

In 2009 he donated his Mail Art Collection to the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart.

Literature (selection)

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