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Eduardo Kac was born in 1962 in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). In the early eighties, he cultivated a career in performance art, presenting a series of weekly public performances. Kac was connected to the Network focusing on photocopied art and the printed word.

Kac began his artistic career as a traditional performance artist but eventually moved on to investigate technology artistically through an exploration of poetry. After becoming dissatisfied with the unidimensionality of the printed word, Kac turned to holography. In 1983, he coined the term "holopoetry" to describe his three-dimensional floating texts and thus began an intense relationship between artistic practice and the possibilities of technology. Works created during this time include Holo/Olho (Holo/Eye) (1983) and Chaos (1986). From there, he moved on to telecommunications art and in 1986 produced his first telepresence work with remote-controlled robotics.



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