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Carol Stetser was born in Syracuse, New York, in 1948. She studied theater at Smith College and Communications at Emerson College. In 1974 she moved to Arizona and founded Padma Press two years later. When Judith Hoffberg reviewed some of her books for Umbrella she came into contact with the Mail Art network. The first Mail Art show Stetser took part in was Hoffbergs Umbrella show. When she “retired” she had been active in the network for over 14 years.
In the 1980s she began making xerographic collages. From 1984 on she focussed on Visual Poetry. She began making ATCs in 1995/96 that she exchanged in the mail and in 1999 she started her Winter Solstice Mailings.
She continues to correspond with about a dozen artists she met through the network.


Mail art interview with Ruud Janssen 1997:http://jas.faximum.com/library/tam/tam_cs.htm

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