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Artist Group, Afzet (Sonja van der Burg, Margot van Oosten), The Hague, Holland.

From 1981 until 1985 Sonja van der Burg and Margot van Oosten co-edited international mail-art magazine called AFZET, published from four to six times a year. Each volume had a special item and artists all over the world were invited to send in material for each issue. All those who had send material received a free issue which were all handmade.

The editions compriced ultimately 100 copies of each volume.

After five years Sonja van der Burg and Margot van Oosten celebrated AFZET in the Schottenburgh Gallery in Amsterdam, where twelve international artists made installations, and the remaining artists were presented through their mail, performance or video work during the exhibition period.

The artists contributing with installations were: Mark Bloch (USA), Ioanis Bunus (Germany, Hungary), David Cole (USA), Harry Fox (USA), Mark Horner (Sweden, USA), Jacques Massa (France), Jürgen Olbrich (Germany), Pandora (Netherlands), Mark Pawson (England), Heer Peejee (Netherlands), Rudolph (USA), Joseph Semah (Netherlands).

Amongst those who joined in with performance or video were: Arno Arts, Siglinde Kallenbach, Martin Peulen, Jürgen Olbrich with Richard Meade, José Van Den Broucke, H.R. Fricker.

The lustrum celebration meant the end of AFZET and was the start of the Nouveau Nihilisten and So-called window-gallery.

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