Lomholt Mail Art Archive

Sent from: West Germany

IAC 9 Info, 0006 1973-00-00

Klaus Groh, West Germany

Mail Art Network
Oldenburg, West Germany
IAC, Klaus Groh, Oldenburg
Printed matter
21 x 14.9
no 5
FOCUS V | Chuck Welch: Global Network Zines: The Public Face of Mail Art 1970-1985
international artists cooperation, iac, klaus groh, underground press syndicate, aerial structures exhibition, seolfrith arts centre, christopher carrell, mieko shiomi, john jkeamey, vehicule art, albrecht d, mix magazine, ron shuebrook, terry sladden, genesis porridge
M 1973 00 00 groh no 5 001
M 1973 00 00 groh no 5 002