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Letter from Anna Banana 1976-02-17

Anna Banana, Canada

Mail Art Network
San Francisco, CA, USA
Printed matter
Letter, Printed matter, Envelope
variable sizes
Vittore Baroni: Memo from a Networker , FOCUS III | Lene Aagaard Denhart: feMail Art, Anna Banana. Excerpts From a Mail Artist’s Diary, FOCUS V | Chuck Welch: Global Network Zines: The Public Face of Mail Art 1970-1985
anna banana, banana productions, dadaland, encyclopedia bananaica, vile magazine, memo from a networker, excerpts from a mail artist's diary
M 1976 02 17 banana 001 M 1976 02 17 banana 004
M 1976 02 17 banana 002
M 1976 02 17 banana 003